C. elegans Transgenic Services

We can generate C. elegans strains tailored to the exact needs of your project. Whether you have a well-established C. elegans program in your own lab, or you want to include disease-relevant strains to one of our service assays, you can expect:

  • Speed - We are based in the UK, so depending on your location, you could have your extrachromosomal arrays back in a week. 
  • Cost effectiveness - With a base price for microinjections plus additional services, you can keep the cost low. 
  • Reliability - Building upon years of experience, we use state-of-the-art techniques and we validate our lines and edits. 
  • Flexibility - Customised services and regular updates throughout your project -  we are always here to address your concerns.

Our process: Simple, efficient, reliable. 


Step 1: Tell us about the experiments you wish to perform: Overexpression, fluorescent reporter, deletion, single point mutation or something else? We can provide a full consultation service to discuss the options available and together we can decide on the best solution for your needs. Free and with no obligation. 

Step 2: We generate your transgenic C. elegans lines: Extrachromosomal arrays, integrated lines or genome editing? The latest techniques will be used to generate and validate your lines. 

 Step 3: You receive your C. elegans lines: Your custom transgenic lines are ready for your experiments and we are still here to address any issues that may occur and to provide full support. 


Our microinjection services for your applications: 


Extrachromosomal arrays: Multi copy arrays perfect for overexpression and fluorescent reporters. 

Integrated lines: Integrated multi-copy lines by γ-irradiation or integrated single-copy lines by MosSCI. 

Genome editing: Knock-outs and precise deletions, single-point mutations and knock-ins. 




If you want to build up your own transgenics capabilities, we can get you kick-started with training sessions for the entire process, from preparing your microinjection set-up to getting your own CRISPR edits. Training can be held at our laboratory in County Durham or at any of our clients UK-based laboratories.


Looking for assays to characterise your transgenic strain?
Or wondering if disease-relevant strains are available for your research area?
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