C. elegans Research Service

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Ageing and age-related diseases

Physiological measurements of function are key to ensuring that increased longevity goes hand-in-hand with a maintained quality of life. Ageing is a complex and heterogeneous process, so using natural models of ageing in whole organisms and large test populations is the best approach. C. elegans automated Healthspan whole-life experiments last weeks, not months, and large populations can be tested non-invasively, without compromising on mobility and longevity readouts.


Neurodegeneration produces complex behavioural changes that have profound effects on human quality of life but are not easily replicated in in vitro models. 
Our automated imaging system for C. elegans tracks mobility behaviour for paralysis, population speed distribution and worm position to reveal health-relevant functional changes over the whole life of the worms. We can also assay chemotaxis and exploration behaviour and how that changes with age.




The microbiome holds great promise for novel drug development against chronic conditions, but the demonstrated efficacy of interventions hides a lack of mechanistic understanding about the microbes and molecular pathways involved.
C. elegans-bacteria interactions make it a powerful model for dissecting the effects of single bacterial strains isolated from the human microbiome. By manipulating the bacterial lawn on which our worms are cultured, our automated Healthspan assays can test for acute and chronic effects of specific bacterial strains or extracts on development, mobility and ageing.


C. elegans are a well-characterised model for environmental toxicity testing, with good concordance to mammalian models.
Our Healthspan assay on adult sterile worms can detect chronic effect on ageing, mobility and behaviour, but we also conduct Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity (DART) assays. With 300 progeny produced by each healthy adult worm in 3 days, we can detect acute developmental and reproductive toxicity fast and with sensitivity.


We can generate transgenic C. elegans for your research needs whether that is adding a specific gene of interest to you, or an animal overexpressing a human protein. These strains can also be characterised for ageing and behaviour using our unique technology. Learn more about our transgenic services here.

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